BBK and Cadena SER Euskadi announce the first edition of the SDG Awards.

The Premios ODS seek to increase the visibility and recognise the work of people, businesses and organisations who contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We are looking for candidatures which have managed to have a positive impact on one or several SDGs, be it through projects, initiatives, products, services or any other relevant activity.

Value will be given to the innovative nature of the proposals, and their potential for generating a more just and egalitarian Basque Country for its citizens.

Who can submit their candidature?

Projects and initiatives developed by stakeholders in the territory may be submitted which have a positive impact on people and the respect for human rights, reduce inequalities and ensuring dignity and equality in all their forms.

The candidatures may be submitted by people as well as by businesses, organisations or citizens’ initiatives.

How to submit a candidature?

In order to submit your candidature, you must provide information about the project or initiative, including details on its scope, impact and results. In addition, you must also demonstrate how this work is aligned with one or several SDG and how it contributes to achieving it.

Once the candidatures have been received, a panel of experts will evaluate each one and select the winners.


The call is open and the deadline for submitting the work is 21 May 2023.

Awards ceremony

The gala awards ceremony will be held on Thursday 21 June at 18:00 h. in the Sala BBK in Bilbao.

If you think you have worked in a project or initiative which meets these requirements, or you know of someone who has, submit a candidature!