BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak

A partnership for inclusive and sustainable progress in Bizkaia

In 2015, the United Nations agreed upon Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Now in 2021, led by the BBK, BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak seeks to accelerate the achievement of these goals: by means of powerful stories, partnerships with impact, innovative learning processes and projects, achieving an inclusive, fair and sustainable progress in Bizkaia

We are seeking to bring a new generation of organisations and leaders together in order to accelerate progress towards AGENDA 2030 in Bizkaia.

We want to promote a new generation of organisations and leaders in order to address the main challenges in the world and their impact on Bizkaia. This will be done, through a diversity of social agents: the academic arena, the public administration, businesses and social organisations who are shaping a more inclusive, fair and sustainable future for Bizkaia and the world, without leaving anyone behind.

Why is it important?

Agenda 2030 is a call to action in order to put an end to poverty, protect the planet and defend the dignity of people all over the world. All the agents in society must be prepared to generate actions to promote the necessary transformations. 2030 is more than just a year, it is a way of ‘doing’.

BBK launched BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak, in order to visualise a multi-sectoral partnership and accelerate collaboration and innovation, where Agenda 2030 is activated and the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved in Bizkaia. BBK recognises the key role of linguistic and cultural diversity in sustainable development, therefore BBK KUNA 2030 KIDEAK incorporates SDG 17+1: Developing Basque, the Basque culture and multilingual training.

BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak is aimed at organisations in Bizkaia that:

  1. Have active leadership in the execution and implementation of the 2030 Agenda:
    • Sample of good practices.
    • Holistic involvement in the SDGs.
  2. Have fully implemented the 2030 Agenda in the organisation or are actively working on it.
  3. Can demonstrate methods they are using to implement the Agenda 2030 strategy defined for their organisation.
  4. Are able to be a multiplier effect of the 2030 Agenda and leverage the organisation’s own challenges linked to the SDGs.
  5. Have a diverse leadership team in the organisation involved in the 2030 Agenda.
  6. Be willing to contribute to the BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak programme and share challenges and generate an active SDG network in BBK Kuna.

The entities, institutions, people and businesses who adhere will take a public step of commitment for the transformation of Bizkaia and for a more sustainable, fair and equitable future.

BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak Yearbook

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