Consejo Consultivo del Barrio

Neighbourhood Consultative Council

A space at the service of the needs of the citizens of Bilbao

BBK Kuna, the Home of the Sustainable Development Goals, was founded with the aim of becoming a space in which to find solutions to the different problems facing our society between us all. From loneliness to ageing, through to the lack of youth employment, the environmental challenges or inequality between men and women.


As an essential part of the centre, it includes a Neighbourhood Consultative Council, a group of 21 people from Atxuri, Bilbao La Vieja, Casco Viejo and San Francisco.

Promoted by Deusto University, this Consultative Council channels the participation of citizens in order to implement responses to the challenges of the future which are addressed by BBK Kuna.


The people in this Council who have suggested areas of improvement regarding the project, have decided how to develop the outside area of the building on Urazurrutia dock and have reflected their views in photos on unwanted loneliness in the neighbourhood and helped us to incorporate the problems of the adjacent neighbourhoods to our primary lines of work.

But what are its specific functions?

  • Form part of the BBK Kuna activity and be able to propose priority topics.
  • Receive the accountability of the activities being undertaken in other BBK Kuna working areas.
  • Be a participant in the specific neighbourhood projects.

Participative process for developing the outside area of BBK Kuna

An example of this collaboration is the participative process used for developing the outside area of BBK Kuna, which ended in 2021 in conjunction with Urbanbat and IED Kunsthal. A very emotional process in which, once again, citizen participation played an essential role