Call for Projects

Kuna-co Proiektuak 2023.

What are we looking for?

BBK Kuna seeks to finance social innovation projects which provide answers to the different challenges presented in the “Kuna-co Proiektuak 2023” call.

The projects submitted must necessarily be aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Projects which present tangible, replicable and scalable solutions are being looked for and they must submit a research proposal of the subject matter chosen with, at least, one action as a final outcome.

What do we offer?

The call has a budget of 150,000 euros which will be shared among the selected projects. The selection panel may select 1 or more projects for each challenge and a challenge may be declared not awarded if no project meets the criteria requested.

Who is it for?

The project proposals must be submitted by a group of entities, a consortium, which will collaborate in carrying out the research and action. The proposal must be submitted by a non-profit entity which will be the leader of the consortium. This entity shall be the main contact point between the consortium and BBK. The consortium must be made up by at least two actors, representatives of the quadruple helix, each one of a different nature: university, business, public administration, or organised civil society.

What are the challenges for 2023?

  • Tech for Good
  • Migration and talent
  • New longevity

What is the call process?

  • Opening of the call: 27 February 2023
  • PHASE 1: (27 February to 27 March) Presentation of short project draft or “One page Project”
  • Pre-selection of projects: BBK will review the project proposals and pre-select those that match what is requested in the call. The leader entities of these projects who develop the project will be requested to move on to Phase 2. During this phase of the project BBK may request the entities to, give a brief presentation and explain the project approach
  • PHASE 2: (from 5 April to 5 May) The projects which have passed Phase 1 will submit a detailed project attaching the extensive documentation required.
  • Selection of the projects and award of the aid money: the projects which have passed on to Phase 2 will be evaluated by the Selection Panel which will decide what projects should receive financing.
  • Pitch Day: 12 May
  • Communication of selected projects: 17 May

 Where do I submit my proposal?

The introduction of the proposal to Kuna-co Proiektuak 2023 will be carried out via the BBK website, in the BBK y TÚ portal. Specifically, in the “BBK Kuna” section.

Documentation and downloads

What if I have any questions?

You may contact us at kuna@bbk.eus or call us on: 944152304.

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