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‘Transforming our world: Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development’.

Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the 17+1 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a new challenge for the international community in order to ensure the eradication of poverty, extend access to human rights, fight against inequalities and achieve a respectful development of the planet and its resources.

However, in order to achieve a true transformation addressed by Agenda 2030, it is necessary to involve all the persons and countries on the planet and in order to do this, the role of education is crucial. Education in its broadest sense as proposed in goal 4.7 of SDG 4, helps to build societies that are critical and aware of reality and of the social, environmental and economic problems: “from here until 2030, ensure all learners acquire knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development”.

In order to train and raise the awareness of the population of Bilbao and Bizkaia on Agenda 2030 and SDGs, with particular focus on the young population of Bilbao, BBK Kuna, together with UN Etxea, offers visits for students to the Kuna space.

Through these visits, participants will have the opportunity to find out more about the activity carried out in the different spaces of the building related to Agenda 2030 and the SDGs. In addition, after learning about the space, the students will receive a dynamic workshop providing the opportunity of delving deeper into the axes of sustainable development and learn about the contents of the Agenda.

The participative workshop methodology is based on teaching unit “Sustainable Development Goals in the classroom – You are also a part of it! Prepared by UNESCO Etxea, that carries out its work on the Agenda in general and each one of the SDGs in particular. Thanks to the flexibility of the methodology, it provides the possibility of adapting the workshops to the group profile or the subject matter they are working on in the classroom.

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as Global Objectives, are a roadmap for addressing crucial challenges and building a more eco-friendly world. Education plays a fundamental role in promoting the SDGs, since it influences young minds and promotes an understanding of the importance of sustainability.

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