BBK And Globernance Are Launching BBK Kuna Institutoa

BBK and GLOBERNANCE -Institute of Democratic Governance- run by Daniel Innerarity, have jointly developed a space for strategic thinking in the Basque Country that identifies the main challenges that we are going to face, with a special emphasis on the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 defined by the United Nations and social innovation.

This is BBK Kuna Institutoa, an organization to reflect on and encourage action-research with regard to the most strategically important issues for the future of Bizkaia, within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and social innovation.

The main task of BBK Kuna Institutoa is to identify key areas and priorities for action for the development of Bizkaia, and to promote action research projects. This will not be the only area for generating challenges. The Neighbourhood Advisory Council, the young people of Bizkaia and the collaborating entities will propose and serve as a basis for the work that will be carried out at BBK Kuna and will feed the programmes that will be launched at the House of the SDGs.

BBK Kuna Institutoa will have a Board of Experts to carry out the task of identifying these and will be closely coordinated with BBK Fundazioa to promote initiatives

Its reflections include the participation of the world of knowledge and academia, of organised civil society, of the business community and of public institutions, in the different processes (Quadruple helix).

The BBK Institutoa Board held its first meeting in October 2020. Since then various meetings have taken place during which preferential research areas have been identified and prioritised.

In parallel with this, BBK KUNA Institutoa has launched three research or “zero” projects that have been previously identified as priority projects.

  • Research project on the ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) CERTIFICATE.
  • Research project on unwanted loneliness and its impact on the intersection between the individual, society and technology. 
  • Preparation of the post-Covid 19 Pandemic White book during 2020 and 2021.