“BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak” call for applications

BBK launches BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak, to visualise a multi-sector alliance and accelerate collaboration and innovation, where the 2030 Agenda is activated and the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved in Bizkaia. BBK Kuna recognises the fundamental role of linguistic and cultural diversity in sustainable development, which is why BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak incorporates SDG 17+1: Develop the Basque language, Basque culture and multilingual training. The organisations, institutions, individuals and companies that join will take a public step towards the transformation of Bizkaia and towards a more sustainable, fair and equitable future.

The call for entities is open from 28 April to 21 May 2021. If your organisation integrates the SDGs into its strategy or works towards the 2030 Agenda, we encourage you to send your application.

Join BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak!