Let’s flood the Urazurrutia tunnel with colour

Many urban artists have filled the facades and walls of Bilbao La Vieja with colour with large murals on different themes. BBK Kuna, the House of the ODS, is looking for a new name to add to this list, looking for an artist to embellish the tunnel that connects the Urazurrutia Wharf with the Marzana Wharf, just under the San Antón Bridge.

To this end, from 6 March to 30 April, the Home of SDGs has launched a call for entries open to the general public and, in particular, to plastic, urban and emerging artists living in Bilbao.

The theme of the work will be free, but it will be positively valued if it takes into account the realities of the neighbourhood, the SDGs or the BBK Kuna project. In turn, the mural must include the participation -in execution- and/or interaction -on completion- of the citizens, for example, by reserving spaces to be completed by the residents of Bilbao, or through the use of techniques that facilitate interaction.

The prize for the Best Mural Project will be 3,000 euros.

The jury will be made up of six people and will include representatives of BBK, members of the Neighbourhood Advisory Council and people linked to the world of art and graffiti.

The decision will be announced on 15 May at 13:00h at BBK Kuna. The winner will be in charge of the technical direction of the mural, which will be executed during the first fortnight of June 2023.

The terms and conditions of the call are available HERE.