BBK Kuna celebrates a year full of activities and value propositions

BBK Kuna opened its doors on 26 October 2021 and, since then, the Home of the SDGs has promoted research projects, hosted many events, meetings and value propositions with a clear objective: working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and disseminate these goals driven by the United Nations Organisation and bring them closer to the citizens of Bizkaia.

In the year since the launch of the space, it has commenced working on projects of unwanted loneliness, professionalising the domestic work sector, migration, sustainable gastronomy, period poverty and other highly relevant topics. In addition, BBK Kuna has promoted and hosted close to one hundred events with a focus on social innovation and the SDGs, with an attendance of 6,600 people.

The home of the SDGs has also been the home for more than 60 cultural activities (art and photographic exhibitions, concerts or guided visits), enjoyed by a thousand people of all ages.

Through BBK KUNA 2030 KIDEAK more than one hundred leading entities from Bizkaia have been part of BBK Kuna, a partnership in favour of inclusive and sustainable progress in Bizkaia. In our home of the SDGs, these businesses have found the perfect place to undertake different projects, give presentations and hold activities to promote Agenda 2030 and help us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Bizkaia.

But there is one fact which BBK Kuna is especially proud of and that is collaborating to make the SDGs known to the younger public: a survey conducted by BBK BEHATOKI in September 2020 indicated that the percentage of young people in Bizkaia (18-30 year olds) who knew what the SDGs were, was 20%, and currently that percentage, in the general population in Bizkaia, has risen to 67%.

More than half of the people in Bizkaia inform us they could perfectly explain what sustainability is to another person, family member or friend for example. Only 6.2% admit they would not know how to do it.

Thank you to all the people and entities who are contributing their knowledge, time and enthusiasm so that BBK Kuna: The Home of the SDGs can become a building space for all. From our space in the heart of Bilbao, the BBK Kuna team will continue to work for a better, more sustainable, inclusive and participative future without leaving anybody behind.

DATA BBK KUNA 2021-2022