Objetivos ODS

BBK KUNA promoting SDGs in SMEs

BBK KUNA, Cebek and the Bizkaia Provincial Council are promoting a programme to encourage the incorporation of SDGs into the strategic plans of SMEs.
Through this online course, beginning 2 March, the participating SMEs will be offered training and advice, to help them incorporate SDGs into their strategic plans.

This is the Decade of Action for SDGs, and in the forthcoming years, governments will focus their attention on achieving these Sustainable Development Goals. The private sector, organisations, civil society and, of course, SMEs, can also speed things up and help achieve these goals, because a well-managed business must be not only sustainable economically, but also socially and environmentally.

BBK KUNA, a factory providing solutions to Bizkaia’s challenges, is promoting this activity meanwhile the restoration work on the building that will house its headquarters continues to forge ahead. A pioneer international centre, with research applied to social transformation, neighbourhood participation and the joint work of all the actors in society: citizens, universities and research centres, the public administration and private-sector businesses.