BBK Kuna resumes the HaurKuna workshops for families. Starting on 4 November!

BBK Kuna recommences its HaurKuna programme from Saturday 4 November.

The programme proposes play-based activities for families, as a way of bringing the children at home closer to the Sustainable Development Goals. Learning is best achieved by experimentation.

Therefore, we will propose a comprehensive programme of workshops with different activities, in which you can create, play, enjoy music, and much more!

And we will work on values, while having fun. A great way to interact, develop skills and competencies.

Dates and venue

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 17:30 h. in BBK Kuna.


Free admission until full capacity, without the need for prior registration.

Upcoming workshops

Below we give you the list of the workshops scheduled for the upcoming quarter, so you can reserve the dates on your agenda.


  • 4 November: Creative workshop: Welcome gifts
  • 8 November: Bazen behin esku bat bost hatzekin
  • 11 November: Fun umbrella
  • 15 November: The power of the wind
  • 18 November: Pet animals – Unicorns and cats
  • 22 November: Give me rhythm
  • 25 November: STOP! Protected area
  • 29 November: Air powered


  • 2 December: Mandala turtles
  • 13 December: RecyclART – sustainable packaging
  • 16 December: Sporting die
  • 20 December: Snowmen/women


  • 10 January: Pets in movement
  • 13 January: Magical drawings
  • 17 January: Let’s play backwards
  • 20 January: Puppeteering
  • 24 January: Bidegorri Bilbao
  • 27 January: In our hands
  • 31 January: Ocean diorama

Do you want to come along and have some family fun?