BBK Kuna adheres to the Universal Charter of the Duties and Obligations of the Human Being

“Let us ordinary citizens speak out and take the initiative. With the same vehemence and the same force with which we claim our rights, let us also claim the duty of our duties. Perhaps the world can begin to be a little better”, said José Saramago in one of his speeches in Stockholm, when he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998.

Moved by this appeal, the UNAM (Autonomous University of Mexico) and the José Saramago Foundation (FJS) convened in 2015 specialists in various fields to draw up a proposal for a Universal Charter of the Duties and Obligations of Human Beings. Human Rights, a complementary document to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that after years of work, several meetings and the adhesion of different institutions and citizens, was presented to the UN in 2018.

BBK Kuna adheres to this Charter from its vocation to promote actions to achieve a positive impact on the 2030 Agenda, and to weave networks so that this transformative action is stronger and collective.

Carta Universal de los Deberes y Obligaciones de las Personas