BBK ODS Eguna: a day for showcasing Sustainable Development Goals through culture and leisure

The second BBK ODS Eguna held on Saturday 23 September filled Parque de Doña Casilda with activities, games, workshops, fashion, music, theatre, culture and leisure with a very obvious main attraction: the Sustainable Development Goals.

A total of almost twenty activities were laid on for the enjoyment of people of all ages at BBK ODS Eguna, who found the perfect excuse there to spend a day packed with top-quality offers produced sustainably by local cultural operators, with a central challenge: to make the BBK ODS Eguna a day of participation with activities for one and all.

The early evening brought on KUNA Fest, with concerts by Supercremalleras, Olaia Inziarte and Bulego to fill the Guggenheim’s Esplanade with a pleasant musical atmosphere.

And so, once more this year, fun, leisure, solidarity and publicity combined on a date which is no coincidence. BBK ODS Eguna was held on another red-letter occasion: on 25 September 2015, the UN General Assembly unanimously approved Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, a course of action for people, the planet, prosperity and world peace.

BBK ODS Eguna bid its second round farewell in style, and is now counting the days until next time, to take the SDGs out into the street and bring in more people committed to making this a better world, because we can go farther if we act together.