BBK Opens BBK Kuna, A Pioneering Centre For Social Innovation

BBK has inaugurated BBK KUNA, the home of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD), which were agreed upon by the United Nations in 2015 within the framework of Agenda 2030 and whose aim is to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people in the world without distinction can enjoy peace and prosperity.

The home of the SDGs is a new space where, following the goals laid out by the UN, companies, universities, people and organisations work together to respond to the challenges we face as a society, such as for example, unemployment, gender equality, the development of industries, sustainability…

The inauguration was held this morning in an event attended by the Basque President, Iñigo Urkullo, the Provincial Councillor of Bizkaia, Unai Rementeria, the Mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, the President of BBK, Xabier Sagredo, the Director of BBK Social Work, Nora Sarasola, and Eider Inunciaga, Director of BBK Kuna.

BBK Kuna, the Home of the SDG, is a five-storey building located in the heart of Bilbao La Vieja a site from where to promote innovative projects which provide solutions to climate change, the technological revolution, the transformation of cities or migration. Challenges, ultimately, that must be addressed in order to continue growing as a society without leaving anybody behind.

The Home of the SDG is a pioneer international centre, with research applied to social participation, neighbourhood participation, and the joint work of all agents in society: citizens, universities and research centres, the public administration and private business.

Something becomes particularly necessary after these uncertain times we live in and underscore the need to have the appropriate instruments which will enable us to detect new future crises and build future scenarios.

Social participation is one of the foundations of BBK Kuna where different projects are developed jointly, with all the actors in society through different socialisation plans.

BBK Kuna boasts a Consultative Council, composed of people from the neighbourhood. It also holds significant strategic partnerships with entities, institutions, businesses, third sector organisations, and study centres. In addition, BBK Kuna has its own department of studies, BBK Institutoa.