BBK’s intensive digital skills training courses gets underway

BBK launches a new call for its Bootcamps, a training space which aims to promote quality employment among young Basque people ensuring optimum labour insertion.

For this purpose, BBK has joined forces with The Bridge, the first digital talent accelerator to offer bootcamps adapted to the needs of the current labour market and which has extensive experience in this field, with centres in Madrid, Valencia and Seville.

In this new edition, registration is open for 4 specialities: Full Stack Web Development, Data Science, Cybersecurity and UX, UI digital product design, full time and part time.

The aim of this BBK project is to promote digital skills training for Basque citizens, in which the demand for professional profiles related to the technological world is constantly growing.

BBK has decided to implement the necessary training resources for Bizkaia to become the cradle for specialists in the world of new digital professions.

BBK Bootcamp will kick off on 13 February offering two types of courses, one full time (16 weeks) and the other part time (26 weeks) both aimed at this sector which has an enormous present and future in the labour market.

The bootcamp will be held in BBK Kuna, the Home of the SDGs and in BBK Sasoiko.

BBK will offer a significant funding for students who are residents in Bizkaia and are unemployed or underemployed: they may train in any of the courses without having to pay. Once they secure a steady and well-paid job, they will commence paying for the training in monthly instalments.

BBK was a pioneer in introducing ‘coding BOOTCAMP’ training in the Basque Country. In 2018, it started to offer this intensive training for developing professional skills in the computer programming field, in its strategy to capture and create talent. Over the past few years, the BBK Bootcamps have trained scores of Full Stack developers, one of the profiles most demanded by Basque technology start-ups, given that more than 80% of the participants manage to get a job in just a few weeks.

Registration for these bootcamps is open and available on the website: HERE.