Intercultural Logbook: Call 2023

We are very excited to inform you that BBK Kuna, The Home of the SDGs, in collaboration with UN Etxea – Basque Country Association for UNESCO, is maintaining the Learning Community: Intercultural Logbook and we want you to form part of it.

During its first months of existence, the Community has created a space for reflection from the arts and culture about how we interact, feel, live together and participate in our Basque society, an intercultural approach. Through co-creativity, creating together and with other people, we want to continue to generate a common space and share an open environment, free from ties and prejudices, which is honest and build a shared project.

This opening has led us to broaden our outlook from which to generate new stories and emphasize its visibility from the community. Adding functional diversity (motor, sensorial and intellectual) to the interculturality, as a characteristic present in a society which has committed itself to not leave anyone behind.

In an environment dedicated to creativity we wager in favour of the interaction of people and cultures that live together and develop within the Basque area: a way to share and converse about equality and inequality, to recognise and value cultural diversity and promote a positive and creative interaction.

The end result will depend on the concerns, talent, artistic and cultural abilities of the members of the community; as well as, the synergy generated taking into account the balance in the participation and expression of each person as a basic criterion.

The final act of representation seeks to be a space for vindicating the diversities of the Basque community in a natural process of individual and community intercultural expression.

We want the people who participate in the project to be diverse in origins and cultures, age, gender, religion, abilities, functionalities and artistic profiles. As a common thread, we are looking for people who are directly or indirectly related to any artistic activity, they do not have to be professional but be art lovers (singing, dancing, writing, theatre, photography, painting…). Additionally, they should have communicative capacity and empathy, with a shared criterion, which will be that they reside in Bilbao.

In a process of several months (March – November 2023) the work will be carried out in different sessions (every Monday from 17:30 to 19:30 h), providing the childcare service for whoever needs it.

We want to invite you to participate in this experience which we believe will prove to be of great value for our society.

If you want to form part of this Learning Community, you may send your participation application, along with a brief description of your life experience and artistic concerns to the following email addresses: and  

Also, during the month of March, you can enjoy a photo exhibition at BBK Kuna about the work of the learning community during the year 2022.