Regenerative tourism: a sustainable way to travel and see the world

Summer is here, and with it, longings of travelling and discovering new places. However, in a world increasingly more aware of the need to care for the planet, the question arises: How can we travel responsibly and sustainably? The answer is regenerative tourism, a travel philosophy that seeks to leave a positive impact on the destinations we visit.

What is regenerative tourism?

Different to traditional tourism, which is often based on the mass consumption of resources and exploitation of sites, regenerative tourism focusses on creating experiences that benefit travellers as well as local communities and the environment. It’s about travelling consciously, respecting local culture and traditions, and contributing to the sustainable development of the destinations.

What are the principles of regenerative tourism?

The principles of regenerative tourism are based on three key pillars:

  • Respect: Respect for the local, culture, traditions and the environment.
  • Conservation: Protect natural resources and conserve biodiversity.
  • Community: Contribute to the economic and social development of local communities.


How can we implement regenerative tourism?

When planning our vacation, we can follow some tips to practice regenerative tourism:

  • Choose sustainable destinations: decide on destinations committed to preserving the environment and sustainable development.
  • Stay in eco-friendly accommodations: choose hotels, hostels or rural houses that implement sustainable practices such as saving energy and water and that support the local economy.
  • Consume local products: try local cuisine, buy artisan products and hire local tourist services.
  • Respect the environment: don’t leave your waste in nature, use sustainable transport and be aware when consuming water and energy.
  • Support local initiatives: participate in environmental conservation projects, support local organisations that work in favour of sustainable development or donate to charitable causes.


What are the benefits of regenerative tourism?

Regenerative tourism offers a series of benefits for travellers as well as for the destinations:

  • For travellers: it allows experiencing more authentic and enriching experiences, connecting with the local communities and contributing to protect the planet.
  • For destinations: it promotes sustainable development, generates economic opportunities for the local communities and protects the environment.


Regenerative tourism, an opportunity for Bizkaia

Regenerative tourism is not only a global trend, but also an opportunity for Bizkaia to position itself as a sustainable and quality tourist destination. Supporting a tourist model that benefits visitors as well as the local communities, while preserving the natural and cultural wealth of our territory.

Regenerative tourism is a way to travel that allows us to enjoy the world responsibly and sustainably. By choosing to travel regeneratively, we can contribute to build a better future for our planet and for generations to come.

And you? Are you ready to become a regenerative traveller?