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European Youth Parlament

European Youth Parliament is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation present in 40 countries, in whose sessions (which are simulations of real sessions of the European Parliament), young people from all over Europe debate current issues of general interest.

Date 12/03/22

Time 09:00 – 19:30h


Through these debates in English and other dynamics and activities, values such as respect for diversity and multiculturalism, knowledge about current international politics or public speaking skills, among others, are promoted.

The regional sessions of EYP Spain last 3 days in which the three different phases are worked on: Team Building, Committee Work and General Assembly. Bilbao RSC 2022 will be composed of a total of 59 students from 10 different schools and an organisational team of 21 people from different EU member states.

On Saturday, the delegates/participants will have the opportunity at BBK Kuna to enjoy and be able to work in their committees in teams, based on discussions to develop a solution to the problem they have been given. They will then debate this solution and have to defend it in front of the other participants in what is known as the General Assembly.

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