International Forum on Social Innovation Ecosystems

Creating new Impact Networks in Bizkaia

BBK Kuna will connect high impact social innovation ecosystems in an international forum to be held on 17th and 18th March.

  • The forum will be host to a multitude of worldwide reference organisations such as the BMW Foundation, League of Intrapreneurs, Ashoka or B Corp. 
  • It will provide first-hand knowledge of the latest social innovation initiatives and methodologies.
  • The initiative is promoted by BBK and DOT Coop. aimed at connecting local initiatives with national and international opportunities.

In order to continue inspiring and supporting the creation of social impact networks in Bizkaia, the ‘BBK Kuna 1st International Forum on Social Innovation Ecosystems’ will be held on 17th and 18th March.

Since its inauguration in October 2021, BBK Kuna, the Home of the Sustainable Development Goals, has become a social innovation reference in Bizkaia and the Basque Country. Following the successful initiatives such as BBK Kuna Kideak 2030, The Future Game or the creation of the Neighbourhood Consultative Council, it now presents this new forum with accredited international guests.

This event is created for connecting networks and local initiatives with pioneer national and international social innovation ecosystems. During the two intensive days experiences and lessons will be shared on social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. The forum is made up of 3 thematic blocks:

1- International entrepreneurship and social innovation ecosystems [17th March, morning session]: Some of the most important international networks will be presented, with the participation of: BMW Foundation, League of Intrapreneurs, B Corp – B Lab Spain, Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions Institute – TU Delft and Impact HUB Donostia Coop.

2- Methodologies for measuring impact [17th March, afternoon session]: An introductory session to the SDG Impact standards will be held, presented by Spain NAB and with the presence of 4 organisations from the BBK Kuna Kideak 2030 network: University of Deusto, ReCircular, Lantegi Batuak and Ihobe.

3- New partnerships and intrapreneurship for social innovation [18th March, morning session]: Examples of pioneer open innovation and leading social intrapreneurship initiatives will be presented by: Aigües de Barcelona, UNICEF Spain, Ashoka, la the Spanish Association of Foundations and Grupo Eroski.

Three blocks with three key themes to advance in Agenda 2030 and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. A space where businesses, administration, universities and citizens can learn and work together to find solutions for the challenges we face as a society.

Tickets may be booked free of charge on this link.