Our Intercultural Logbook


A few months ago at BBK Kuna: La Casa de los ODS (The Home of SDGs), we launched our Learning Community: Intercultural logbook.

Our aim in this community was to reflect on how we interact, coexist and take part in Basque society from an intercultural point of view. From a creativity point of view, we are committed to the interaction of cultures that coexist and develop in the Basque Country and that represent a way of sharing cultural diversity based on accepting those who are different from us.

As a final community event, on Sunday, November 20 at 7:00 pm at the Sala BBK, we intend to put on a performance that will help to vindicate the cultural diversity of the Basque community within a natural process of individual and community expression.

The protagonists of the work are the people themselves who provided accounts of their experiences and who took part in the Comunidad de Aprendizaje Cuaderno de Bitácora (Learning Community Logbook), which is based on the Travelogue towards intercultural cities, published by the Spanish Network of Intercultural Cities to promote debate and critical thinking, #unviajejenecesario (#necessaryjourney) towards inclusive societies, which are committed to equality, recognising cultural diversity, interaction and sustainable development.

They will sing, act, recite, dance and show us the reality in which they live. They will show us cultural diversity and its potential, its creativity, human richness and social commitment.

It is an emotional, honest and joyful work based on the experiences lived, shared, listened to and collected in OUR INTERCULTURAL LOGBOOK.