Partnerships for achieving goals

If there is something this pandemic has made quite clear, it is the importance of standing side by side and pooling our efforts. The only way of responding to the challenges of the future is by joining forces and working together. Not leaving anyone behind.

Being aware of this, at the Home of the SDGs, the sustainable development goals of Bizkaia, at BBK Kuna we are looking for partners. We are looking for organisations, institutions, entities, businesses, people, so that we can all work together towards achieving a better future.

Partnerships in order to achieve these goals are, in themselves, one of the Sustainable Development Goals, number 17. If we have learnt something during this time in which we are living, is that we must stand united, and by joining strengths, initiatives, and proposals, we can generate a stronger current, than those forces can on their own.

It is time to strengthen synergies, create networks, this is something BBK Kuna is committed to and for this reason we have launched the BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak  programme. A partnership of organisations and people in order to achieve the SDGs.

Would you like to join us? Only one week left

The call for entities is open to 21 May 2021. If your entity integrates the SDGs in its strategy or works in the promotion of Agenda 2030, we encourage you send your application.

Join BBK Kuna 2030 Kideak!