Presentation of BBK Open Science Fest 2021

BBK Open Science Fest launches a new edition of open and community science as the main player from 7 to 13 June. This year, the programme includes more than twenty sessions and activities with a focus on science by and for citizens, across disciplines such as synthetic biology, genetics, neuroscience, biodiversity, bio-art and bio-design, the environment, neurorobotics or social and educational innovation.

BBKOSF´21 has presented its programme in a press conference held in Sala BBK with the participation of Nora Sarasola, Director of the BBK Social Work Project and Ricardo Mutuberria, Director of BIOOK, driver entities behind the festival. Both underscored the importance of providing a space for initiatives such as this which “democratise science, facilitate its practice, and makes citizens the leading players for using it in the interest of the community and the planet”.

The aim of the Festival is to demonstrate, how fascinating science is and the opportunities it offers for improving the world and our relationship with all living beings and nature in a fun and entertaining way.

In order to do this, more than 20 national and international speakers will participate in this Festival, combining face-to-face and online participation to adapt to current circumstances and enable everyone seeking to discover the scientist in themselves to do so from wherever they may be.

More information and ticket sales here.