Prize for the Bakarzain Project

The flashtalk conference on loneliness given by Anibal M. Atobiza in the 3rd Congress of Philosophy and Public Health, was awarded first place.

Anibal M. Astobiza is a research team member of the #BAKARZAIN project which is promoted by BBK KUNA Institutoa and financed by BBK Fundazioa.

The winning conference, revealed some of the specific aspects being researched within the framework of the #BAKARZAIN project: Unwanted loneliness and care.

This third edition of the Congress of Philosophy and Public Health was held in Barcelona on 27, 28 and 29 of September. The chairman of the BBK KUNA Institutoa Expert Committee, Daniel Innerarity, participated in the closing conference of the inaugural session and Txetxu Ausín, co-director of the #BAKARZAIN research project, did likewise in the panel discussion on “The ethical virtues of citizens facing the challenges of public health”.