“Sustainable Competitiveness” Certificate

This certificate is based on the theoretical-practical research focussed on defining a series of parameters of business conduct and action such as pay equity, the localisation policy of the business activity centres, the use of technology for the common good or environmental sustainability, which will in turn enable the BBK’s recognition of all those businesses committed to said lines of action by obtaining a certificate or label with ESG parameters (Environmental, Social and internal Governance in decision making).

The driving force behind the project is materialised in the redefining the concept of competitiveness in order to opt for business models that develop their activity promoting not only short-term economic and financial return, but maximising the social and environmental value contributed on the medium and long-term.

The ultimate goal is to recognise all the small, medium-sized and large businesses in the Historical Territory of Bizkaia that contribute social value creating quality employment, operating with social and environmental responsibility, generating wealth throughout the entire value chain and benefiting society as a whole.

The aim of this project is to consolidate a new business culture by promoting a mechanism (certificate/label) that offers investors and consumers value information on the businesses in Bizkaia and how they act in areas of sustainable competitiveness helping them to make responsible and coherent decisions.

Other added goals are social innovation research, its projection to citizens as a whole and the ensuing social pedagogy.


All the businesses in Bizkaia and its citizens, notwithstanding starting out with businesses that may be drivers of these and the inherent values of the project.

The environment directly related with the businesses, which in turn distinguish the workers, customers and investors, as clear beneficiaries of this project.

Principal Investigator: Juanjo Álvarez

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