Kuna-co Proiektuak 2022

The challenges that have to be answered through the action research projects are:

  1. Migration and prosperity: inclusive economic and social development.
  2. Humanist digital transition.
  3. Sustainable gastronomy: A justifiable analysis of the relevance of the primary sector linked to the sustainable gastronomy model as a sign of the territory’s identity.

The project selected to address Migration and Prosperity: Inclusive Economic and Social Development was Ertzean whose aim is to improve the employability and quality of life of persons of foreign origin who work in the care sector, by designing and providing a service for guidance, accompaniment, and training for persons who are dependant and with disabilities, at home and/or in social institutions.

The project is developed by Grupo Servicios Sociales Integrados S.Coop.Grupo SSI, the Fundación Social Ignacio Ellacuría, Ikuspegi – Observatorio Vasco de Inmigración, and the University of Deusto.

Ertzean Initiative

Humanistic Digital Transition is addressed by the HUME group of the University of Deusto with the collaboration of Wikitoki and actors from four different fields: cybersecurity, protection of personal data, open government, and civil society.

It consists of conducting research aimed at identifying and assessing the accountability mechanisms in the governance of the Technological-Digital Transition (TTD) in Bizkaia, targeted towards the SDG.

The governance of the Digital Transition in the Basque Country

Sustainable Gastronomy is addressed with a project developed by the Fundación AZTI-AZTI Fundazioa along with the participation of the Basque Know How Fundazioa (BKHF) and the Gorka Izagirre Winery (BGI). In the case of BKHF, it will bring together and coordinate the gastronomy sector and its value chain. For its part, the Gorka Izagirre winery, will act as a liaison with the primary sector and provide the project with its knowhow, as well as the necessary means to approach this part of the project.

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