Post-Pandemic White Paper

The white paper format is understood as a double guide of recommendations designed for contributing to improve the decision making of the key agents of the governance models analysed. The white paper format combines a brief guide as an executive overview and the detailed development of each recommendation.

The main goal is to draw up a guide that may be used as a tool to better understand the time we are living in and make a more accurate diagnosis contributing to better decision making and be used as a key for managing uncertainty. This management is a key factor for decision making at an institutional level as well as for the active communication with citizens. Thereby, proposing a double effect, on the one hand, the active communication contributes to improving the public debate, and on the other, the guide envisaged will contribute to more informed decision making in contexts of uncertainty and transition.

The post-pandemic white paper proposed is aligned with the commitment of the new European research framework Horizon Europe of prioritizing the gender dimension in research. As an example, it will follow the line of the recent UN report which concludes that the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the existing social and economic inequalities between men and women.


  • The citizens of the Territory of Bizkaia in general and groups particularly affected by the increase in inequalities caused by the pandemic.
  • Political decision-makers, including the different public and social institutions which represent the various groups in the territory of Bizkaia.    
  • Healthcare and caregiver professionals.
  • Civil society associations who work with particularly vulnerable groups affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and its socio-economic consequences including those that operate in Bizkaia.

Principal InvestigatorCristina Astier

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