La Ciudad Soñada – 2023 Edition Summary

Over the last few months BBK Kuna and UN Etxea have created a space for reflection from the arts and culture on how we interact, feel, live together and participate in our Basque society from an intersectional and intercultural approach.

Through listening, trust and enthusiasm, we have created a common and shared space in an open, honest atmosphere, free of ties and prejudices, in which we have finally built a shared work: La Ciudad Soñada (The Dreamed City).

The protagonists of the work are the people themselves, who give us testimony of their experiences, longings and hopes. People who, with their experiences, invite us to generate critical thinking, a dream about how to move towards more inclusive societies that are committed to equality, human rights, recognition of diversity, interaction and sustainable development.

After many sessions of meetings, conversations and enthusiasm, the people who share artistic and social concerns have created the staging “La Ciudad Soñada“, accompanied by Cruz Noguera, who has managed to bring out the best in each one of us to take it to the stage.

We have dreamt of the city we would like to live in and we want it to be diverse, full of encounters and coincidences, inclusive, and where culture and the arts are present and open to everyone who wants to participate and have access.

THANK YOU to everyone who came to the BBK hall and for your messages. ESKERRIK ASKO to each of you who have participated in the Community and have left your mark on others.

  • Do you believe in coincidences?
  • I don’t, do you?
  • Neither do I.

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