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Designing the Circular Design Team

Authors: Rebecca Earley, Rosie Hornbuckle, Marion Real, Cathryn Hall Barcelona

Fecha 30/06/22

Hora 14:00 – 17:00h


This hybrid workshop aims to model diverse and inclusive stakeholder partnerships for circular economy challenges, where design will play a central role in visioning, convening and supporting multi-skill teams, who are each focused on utilizing a different, local waste stream. Drawing on a specific, developed case study of Laxta Wool within the region of Bilbao, and with materials in our hands, we will invite participants to reflect on their own role as designers, researchers, citizens and stakeholders in regional material flows, value retention and creation. Together we will co-design Circular Design Teams to address the challenges and interconnections of transforming food-, agricultural-, textiles-, and construction- waste into valuable local resources.

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