A total of 30 young people embark on “The Future Game” with the goal of saving the planet

A total of 30 young people from Bizkaia are the protagonists of “The Future Game”, a “gamified” learning experience, that places the mechanics of games into the educational sphere.

“The Future Game” is an action learning game. Organised in multidisciplinary groups, the 30 participants travel to the future in vessels accross 4 different worlds, for 4 weeks. They have to collaborate with each other to achieve a common goal: buy time for the future of the planet. In order to do this, they have to overcome challenges by cooperating together.

BBK Kuna has selected, between more than a hundred candidates, 30 interested, creative and motivated young people, who want to contribute and transform society by using different skills. Those who were not selected will also have a role to play in the game. They will help the teams of crew members to respond to the challenges by successfully guiding them from a control tower.

BBK Kuna’s aim through “The Future Game”, is to harness the entrepreneurial potential of the new generations who are going to play a key role in the dissemination of ethical and sustainable economic development, as well as creating new inclusive cultures.

The challenges will be based upon the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, as outlined in the international agenda to achieve a more sustainable world, and in BBK Kuna’s roadmap.

So, BBK Kuna, a factory of solutions for the challenges facing Bizkaia, launches this activity meanwhile the rehabilitation works of the building to accommodate its headquarters continue to move ahead.