The Programming and Cybersecurity Bootcamps begin.

BBK launches its Programming (Full Stack .Net) and Cybersecurity Bootcamps at BBK Kuna, aimed at unemployed people. These training courses have an employability rate of over 80%.

Both bootcamps were created with the aim of setting up training activities and promoting quality employment among young Basque women and men, guaranteeing optimum job placement. With a duration of 12 weeks, BBK is promoting these two training proposals focusing on:

  • Cybersecurity Bootcamp: Cybersecurity, one of the talent gaps. With this bootcamp, BBK has decided to provide the necessary training resources to ensure that Bizkaia is also the cradle of specialists in this field.
  • Programming Bootcamp (Full Stack.Net): The aim is to equip students with the necessary knowledge to develop dynamic web-based software systems. Students will gain an understanding of the basic computer science concepts and theory necessary for a professional software developer.

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