As from February BBK Kuna launches its Learning Communities of Practice which will commence by addressing the subject of Period Poverty.

The Learning Communities of Practice (CAPs) are learning spaces shared between diverse people who meet regularly, voluntarily and informally, in order to experience specific issues of common interest in a practical manner.

Using the SDGs as a guide, the CAPs held in the BBK Kuna will be used to learn, generate new knowledge, exchange insights and participants will build relationships to tackle challenges collaboratively.

The Learning Communities of Practice will kick off with a pilot process focussing on a very significant and high impact issue: Period Poverty, an invisible subject full of taboos and prejudices, causing discrimination which is felt by many women and girls across the world.

The BBK Kuna CAPs will address a varying range of subject areas, in various ways, and with different people, always with the aim of learning, feeding off shared reflections and activating a space for thought, debate and dialogue, essential catalysts for change.            

This project is open to all citizens. BBK Kuna invites all those people who are interested in forming part of our CAPs to come to the centre and share learning experiences. In addition, these spaces are open to receiving proposals of subject areas which may be developed in upcoming communities. 

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