Fachada del edificio BBK Kuna

BBK Kuna restores the façade of the Urazurrutia cradle house

The work being carried out on the building that will house BBK KUNA, the Urazurrutia Cradle House, continues in progress, and the restoration work on its unique façade has already commenced.

Refurbishing this building, already dilapidated due to dampness and moisture and the passing of time, will mean consolidating and preserving a part of its history, therefore, the history of Bilbao.

The renovation of this culturally significant building located in the heart of the historic quarter is, in turn, an example of comprehensive regeneration. This work has been performed in line with BBK Kuna’s future goals. Thus, the building and renovation work has been carried out from an inclusive, sustainable, environmental and social perspective.

Consequently, BBK Kuna has involved Artelis in the project, a company with extensive experience in the architectural restoration of protected historical buildings.

The building designed and built by Ricardo Bastida between 1914 and 1916 was in a poor state of conservation and affected by dampness and moisture, which means the restoration of the Modernist Art Deco façade has been a delicate endeavour: all of the elements that form the façade, from the bricks with the seal from the Bilbao company, the “La Caridad” sculpture by Saénz or the ceramic facings have been restored by experts specialised in unique façades.