BBK launches its first Cybersecurity Bootcamp in January

Cybersecurity is one of the talent gaps in which major companies are focussing on. BBK has now decided to provide the necessary training resources for Bizkaia to also be the cradle of specialists in the Cybersecurity world. As of January, it will launch BBK CyberBootcamp, a 12-week intensive course directed at this sector with an enormous present and future in the labour market, the first of which is financed 100% by the banking foundation.

The Bootcamp which commences in January, for a group of between 15 and 20 students, will be essentially practical. It is designed to help develop skills and to get a job as a professional in the cybersecurity field. There will be room for learning basic concepts in the cybersecurity field as well as real scenarios covering everything learnt in the Bootcamp.

Registration for the first cybersecurity Bootcamp will remain open until the 15th December on the BBK website.