Bilbao will host the first international summit on new longevity, organised by BBK and Ashoka

For the first time in the history of humanity, there are more people over the age of 65 than children less than five years old. It is also estimated that by 2050 the number of people over the age of 80 will have tripled.

This demographic transformation does not only concern the elderly. Longevity does not just add years to the end of life, but also extends and transforms all its stages. Identifying the opportunities and challenges that this demographic change and the numerous stages of human life represent in our society is vital. These entail wide-reaching implications in areas such as urban planning, education, the labour market, mobility, culture, governance…

BBK and Ashoka have organised the first international summit on New Longevity: BBK New Longevity Summit. An international event that will be held in Bilbao to connect ideas and people who are working on different aspects of this new concept that is really crucial for society.

BBK New Longevity Summit will be held in Bilbao, from the 7th to the 9th of November and will be attended by social innovators and other experts from different places in the world. Various agents from the local ecosystem who work on this subject will also be at the event.

The opening ceremony will take place on the 7th of November at 18:30, at the Guggenheim, where high-impact longevity initiatives will be presented, including the Ashoka network Social Entrepreneurs:

  • Marc Freedman (USA), the founder of Encore, makes use of the knowledge and talent of the elderly to create and boost collaboration among all generations.
  • Ana Urrutia (Spain), the founder of Cuidados Dignos, designs protocols to remove physical and pharmacological restraints in nursing homes to improve the care system.
  • Sergio Serapiao (Brazil), the founder of LAB60+, provides professional opportunities for elderly people
  • Nani Moré (Spain), the founder of Menjadors Ecologics, is revolutionising the collective kitchens in care homes and schools by providing a sustainable menu based on fresh local produce
  • Beka Tsanwisi (South Africa), the founder of the South African Grandmothers’ Football Association, works with elderly women in rural areas of her country, as fundamental pillars of the community, through football
  • Vicky Tortosa (Spain), the co-founder of La Exclusiva, creates new social logistics that makes it possible to bring products, services and training to people in the most sparsely populated areas of Spain