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Africa Basque Challengue

The Africa Basque Challenge programme will close its third edition at BBK Kuna. The training programme in social entrepreneurship and impact among young people from Kenya, Senegal and the Basque Country is co-organised by Mondragon Unibertsitatea.

Date 11/02/22

Time 17:30 – 20:00h


The Africa Basque Challenge is a project that aims to encourage the development of socio-entrepreneurial initiatives that promote the inclusive development of rural Kenyan communities and contribute to reducing inequalities between urban and rural areas in both the Basque Country and Kenya. The format selected to promote the initiatives has been that of a challenge where mixed teams, made up of 30 young people from Kenya, Senegal and the Basque Country, will compete against each other to come up with the best proposal. The challenge seeks to promote co-development between young people from Kenya, Senegal and the Basque Country to face the challenges of a common development between North and South trying to create alliances and lasting relationships between both places.

Africa Basque Challenge has 3 main objectives; firstly, to undertake to break the inequality gaps that exist between urban and rural areas, both in Africa and in the Basque Country. Secondly, to create a co-creation competition generating impact entrepreneurship. And finally, to create communities of intercultural entrepreneurs forming agents of change.

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