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BBK network afterwork: Turn your personal brand into a profitable business

Turn your personal brand into a profitable business

Date 29/02/24

Time 18:30 – 20:00h

Venue BBK Kuna

Do you know that typical person who gets everyone he or she meets into his or her pocket in a matter of minutes? There are people who radiate charisma, who make themselves noticed in a good way and thus manage to be more successful in the projects they undertake.

In a world where communication is everything (or almost everything), we become carriers of our own brand. We transmit values, ideas and concepts before we are able to articulate a word. Knowing how to create a good personal brand can open the door to the achievement of our goals. In this afterwork you will learn from the mouth of one of the references in personal branding in Spain the fundamental ideas of creating a good personal brand by enhancing the charisma to have a greater impact on the situations and people around you.


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