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In conjunction with the first anniversary of BBK Kuna’s inauguration, and with the firm goal of bringing Agenda 2030 closer to the neighbours of Bizkaia, ‘BBK ODS EGUNA’ proposes 18 rendezvous, brought to us by nearby cultural agents and all sustainably produced.

Date 29/10/22

Time 10:00 – 23:00h


BBK celebrates ‘BBK ODS EGUNA’ next Saturday 29 October, a day full of rendezvous with culture and leisure with the focus placed on spreading the Sustainable Development Goals among all the people who come to Bilbao.

And this will be done with 18 free recreational and cultural activities, one for each of the 17 + 1 SDG, intended for everyone.

Workshops, exhibitions, theatre, a laser show, dance, art or fashion parades will be held in emblematic spots of the City throughout the day concluding with a finishing touch: a concert by the band Fuel Fandango and Olatz Salvador in Etxebarria Park.

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