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BBK Tech and Humanity Summit

The private part of the Summit will invite participants to inspire one another, make powerful connections and build the future of Tech for Humanity.

Date 12/03/24 – 13/03/24

Time 09:00 – 18:00h

Venue BBK Kuna

Tech has revolutionized our society – creating novel ways for billions of people to connect, learn, work, and play. Revolutions in medicine, education, finance, and media have contributed to making our lives better and pulling people from around the globe closer together. 

Inevitably though, the unintended, unforeseen consequences of technologies have also come into sharper focus. With even more transformative advances on the horizon, and more than 2 billion people worldwide without access to the internet, we need to develop our capacity to leverage the power of technology for social impact, while we also anticipate and address the harms caused by technological advances.

Powered by Ashoka, the BBK Tech for Humanity Summit will bring together the Spanish, Basque and global ecosystems of tech innovators building what works and what’s next. From March 11 to 13, the city of Bilbao will take center stage, where changemakers of all stripes will inspire one another, make powerful connections and build the future of tech for humanity.


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