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Bilbao European Encounters

Technology and Geopolitics

Date 10/11/23

Time 10:00 – 21:00h

10.00- Institutional opening
10.30- Plenary lecture: Power asymmetries in technological globalisation / Artificial Intelligence Multilateralism
Mark Coeckelbergh (University of Vienna)
11.30- Round table: Society, power and technology
Ane Miren Ibáñez Zugazaga (Director of Modernisation, Bilbao City Council)
Dragos Tudorache (Chairman of the Special Commission on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Era) online
Joseba Lekube (CEO of TEKNEI Group)
Guillermo Otano (ALBOAN)
13.30- Lunch break
16.00- What your mobile is hiding. ALBOAN.
20.00- Beers & Politics: Eva Silván and Kristian Prieto


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