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Del lienzo a la ropa


Date 02/02/24 – 17/02/24

Time 09:00 – 21:00h

Venue BBK Kuna

From Friday 2 February until 18 February, the BBK Kuna space (Bilbao) is hosting the exhibition “From Canvas to Clothes” by the artist Catalina María Solis. Art as a tool for expression, textile as a support and upcycling as a sustainable action.

Both in her work and in this exhibition, Catalina María Solís (Artek transhumante) claims art, and specifically painting, as a tool for expression and defence of the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda.

“From Canvas to Clothes” brings together works inspired by paintings by renowned artists, which have been reinterpreted and transformed by Catalina María Solís from a current environmental perspective.

The use of these famous paintings attracts attention and makes it easier for the message to reach more people.

Catalina María Solís, through her project ArteKtrashumante , reclaims disused textiles as a canvas and upcycling with paint as a sustainable action. Bed linen, shirts or dresses previously discarded as textile waste are some of the supports used for this purpose.

Through painting and these works, Catalina María Solís intends to show her concern and worry about the social and environmental situation of the planet at present.


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