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People who come and go in search of the place they dreamed of; or people who find themselves in the wrong place.

Date 21/06/24

Time 19:00h

Desplaza-Dos is an original text by Venezuelan author Cruz Noguera that tells the story of a pair of Venezuelan brothers-in-law who cross a border in search of a new destiny;

Justino wants to rebuild his life with his ex-partner and Custodio takes advantage of the circumstance to “reunite” with his sister Guillermina. Two men of limited resources who have to live together and survive in the culture of a different country. Both travel with suitcases full of migratory testimonies.

The stories of Latin American people who have been forced to leave their homes; fleeing from pain and violence. Small stories turned into paper theater.

This theatrical piece is part of the project “Stories behind the fence”, transmedia narratives of small and large formats brought to the stage by the group Euri Artean in Bilbao, a project that aims to offer new perspectives on the current situation of human displacement around the world.


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