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In the Bachelor's Degree "Geography, Planning and Environment" at Radboud University (The Netherlands) they have in their curriculum a subject called "Fieldwork" in the second year. The programme of this course includes a trip abroad for students to learn how to conduct research in a foreign context.

Date 14/03/22 – 16/03/22

Time 08:30 – 17:30h


The course focuses specifically on writing a qualitative research proposal in a geographical context other than their home country (the Netherlands). The aim is to analyse empirically abroad a topic of the Geography, Planning and Environment degree. The study topics are related to sustainability, urbanisation and globalisation in the city of Bilbao. In fact, they will come by bus to Bilbao, as well as the return trip, in order to minimise the carbon footprint of their journey.

The issue to be analysed is selected by the students within this broad theme. The aim is for the students to learn how to plan their own work and practice how to integrate theory, methods and fieldwork results.

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