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GIRA Mujeres, are you coming on the journey of entrepreneurship?

Gira Mujeres, Coca-Cola's programme to promote female entrepreneurship, is presented in Bilbao with a focus on rural entrepreneurship.

Date 20/04/23

Time 10:30 – 12:30h

We would like to invite you to the presentation in Bilbao of Gira Mujeres, Coca-Cola’s programme to promote female entrepreneurship. This edition will have a specific focus on supporting rural entrepreneurship. Ane Epalza, Coca-Cola’s Northern Area Communications Manager, will give details of this new edition.

During the presentation, we will have María Saiz, President of the Basque Entrepreneurship Observatory, who will provide figures, data and trends on what entrepreneurship means for women in our area in rural environments, with the presentation of the Report on Rural Women Entrepreneurs in Spain (Entrepreneurship Observatory, RedGEM Spain).

In addition, Mónica Alonso Martínez, a technician from Enkarterrialde-Association for the rural development of Las Encartaciones will explain the importance of female entrepreneurship in rural areas. As examples of women’s business initiatives, we will have rural entrepreneurs from Enkarterri; Ziortza Llano Martínez who will talk about her experience at the head of the Horse Assisted Therapy Centre for people with functional diversity and their families located in Gordexola, and Erika Angulo Yurre at the head of Ama Orea Ogi Ekologikoa in Karrantza. The event will be closed by Oihane Aldayturriaga, Head of Entrepreneurship at BBK.


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