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The Free Legal Guide to Life’s Transitions

Our purpose with this guide is simple: to empower all people and provide them with tools to cope people and give them tools to cope with the different moments they may encounter in their lives.

Date 28/11/22

Time 10:00 – 12:00h

We live in an increasingly complex world and we know that many of the injustices or scams tend to focus on a small number of issues that are known to affect many people. In addition, they are often based on trust and good faith and this then makes it more difficult to relate to other strangers.
The generations are increasingly separated from each other and the reality is that the societal challenges we face require more and more intergenerational collaboration.
That is why we are particularly proud that this Guide is an example of how young people and adults can work together in the face of the challenges we face.


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New Longevity Laboratory

BBK and Ashoka Spain join forces to promote an innovative longevity model by creating a laboratory to support new projects and initiatives for Bizkaia.

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Dann Hoyos