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Labour mobility as an opportunity for global health. An African perspective.

3 keys to understanding migration as an opportunity to improve the expectations of the health workforce.

Date 02/12/22

Time 11:00h

Migration policies can incentivise the circularity of talent to optimise its benefits for sustainable development.
The mobility of skills and talent drives the growth of economies and the generation of employment.
Migration can become a lever for shared prosperity, underpinning the growth and well-being of societies of origin and destination.

Maitena Salinas
Journalist specialising in Human Rights

Garbiñe Biurrun Macisidor
President of the Anesvad Foundation and Magistrate

Vie Ngoko Zenguet
Vice-president of the Economic and Social Council of the Central African Republic
Vice-President of the College of Doctors and Pharmacists of the Central African Republic

Gonzalo Fanjul
Director of the Research Area at Fundación porCausa

Paul Ortega
Director of the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation

Fátima Djara De Almeida Sani
President of the Dunia Musso Association


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