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New Longevity Laboratory

BBK and Ashoka Spain join forces to promote an innovative longevity model by creating a laboratory to support new projects and initiatives for Bizkaia.

Date 18/04/24

Time 10:00 – 17:30h

Longlife learning: Learning throughout life

We believe in a welfare model for Bizkaia where access to knowledge makes us a more cohesive and egalitarian society. Having new skills reduces the gaps that prevent access to information or freedom of individuals, and therefore builds a more resilient and cohesive society.

For this reason, this line seeks the activation of projects and initiatives in the territory of Bizkaia that reinforce an intellectually proactive and sovereign vision of longevity, not necessarily linked to their work performance, but for the pleasure of knowing.

Active Living

Longevity has been closely linked to ageing and therefore to palliative processes. This has undoubtedly generated a negative narrative, with which many people who feel active and healthy in their maturity do not recognise themselves.

Along these lines, we seek to implement projects in the territory of Bizkaia that reinforce the creation of a new model of active longevity and/or generate interpersonal networks that bring new people closer to more active and healthy lifestyles.

We believe that the most advanced societies are the most inclusive, also with regard to the elderly, who are subject to discrimination that is usually invisible due to existing information and knowledge gaps or possible functional diversities.

In this line, the implementation of projects or initiatives in the territory of Bizkaia is sought, which help to generate more inclusive environments for seniors, or generating spaces of expression and development especially designed for them.

Intergenerational relationships

We believe that in order to face the new challenges of the future, it will be increasingly necessary to structure better intergenerational relations where different individuals can mutually nurture each other.

In this line, we are looking for the implementation of projects or initiatives in the territory of Bizkaia, which generate new bridges between different generations and can address challenges or problems from a cross-cutting and more inclusive vision.


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