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Learning Communities: Menstrual Poverty

In this first session we seek to recognise ourselves, situate ourselves and highlight our differences and complementarities. It will be the 1st of 6 sessions in the pilot.

Date 08/02/22

Time 18:00 – 20:30h

Venue BBK Kuna – Muelle

Dibujo: Hazel Mead.

One in five women in the EU cannot afford to buy menstrual hygiene products.

At BBK Kuna we recognise this situation, which is invisible in our society, and we want to address it, to know it in depth and to understand its approaches and implications. To do so, we are launching the pilot within our Practice-oriented Learning Communities. We want to talk about menstruation, stigmatisation, the climate impact of hygiene products, the situation of inequality that is generated… The group is open to possibilities as diverse as its members.

Are you interested in the subject, do you want to learn, contribute, comment, reflect? Write to us at kuna@bbk.eus, we would be delighted to have you join us.

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Learning Community: Menstrual Poverty

Day of celebration and meeting. New voices and perspectives are welcome in an open session to which all citizens are invited.

HaurKuna: 3Rs - Shadow theatre

Today we reuse different containers and materials to create fun figures with which to play in our shadow theatre of colours.

Topiak | Participatory Futures - Public Presentation

In this public presentation, as well as showing the results of the workshops, the speculative objects or Souvenirs of the Future, we will share the results of both the process carried out at BBK Artegunea and the previous path that has brought us to this point along Topiak.

Portraits of a neighbourhood

The project consists of an exhibition of 40 portraits by Begoña Elexpe, and an informative and visual map that combines information about the exhibition with all the associates of the organisation of traders and businesses.

HaurKuna: Sustainable network

Talk about the importance of artisanal fishing to protect river and sea species. In order to do this, we will play cooperatively with balls of wool creating a large sustainable net.

Ecosystem Network Day

The Ecosystem Network is a global, regional and local network focused on social change and the intersection with organisational and community wellbeing. The Ecosystem Network Day in Bilbao will be an event co-created together with the members of the network and will take place in the framework of The Wellbeing Summit for Social Change.

Mainstreaming the SDGs into business strategy

We are in the Decade of Action on SDGs, in the coming years, governments will focus their attention on trying to governments will focus their attention on trying to achieve the SDGs, but that does not mean that the job will be theirs alone. work falls to them alone. The private sector, organisations, civil society and, of course civil society and, of course, SMEs, can help accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. SDGS. However, sometimes it is not so easy to know where to start, as there are 17 Goals and each one has there are 17 Goals and each has different targets and indicators.