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Premios Cebek 2021 Sariak

CEBEK aims to highlight the important role that companies play in the well-being of society and the economy of our territory.

Date 11/11/21

Time 12:30h

Venue BBK Kuna – Sala Ganbara


In this fourth edition of business awards, CEBEK Awards 2021, recognition will be given to those companies in Bizkaia that stand out in the three categories, companies that especially represent the values of equality, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

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Through this cooking workshop we want to encourage making the full use of food.

Book launch “Soledades: Una Cartografía para nuestro tiempo”

Included within our project zero Bakarzain: Unwanted loneliness and care, the book “Soledades: Una Cartografía para nuestro tiempo” by Melania Moscoso and Txetxu Ausín will be launched in BBK Kuna next Tuesday 25 January.

Piñata boat

Monitor and take care of our rivers from our sustainable boat. Creating a large piñata boat filled with different surprises. We can find board games to play cooperatively, twister, one, …

Storytelling - The feast of monsters

Use storytelling to learn about the reality of other countries and other children and discover how we can collaborate with this goal.

Mindfulnes - Calming jar

The calming jar is one of the best-known educational techniques used in the Montessori method for teaching how to manage emotions. Basically, it is a jar full of glitter and water designed to help reduce states of anxiety or anger which stimulates concentration and selective attention.

Healthy snack - Fruit zarzuela

Remind the participants of the importance of healthy eating, above all at breakfast and we prepare a very diverse and nutritional snack. We also talk to them about whoever has a healthy breakfast gets better grades and performs better throughout the day.

Jumping and silence - The balloon

We make the gameplay elements which are fun balloon launching paddles, these are made with cardboard dishes and doctor sticks. Then we play with music and the balloons and throw them in different ways, jumping, hopping, squatting, moving them…finally silence…

Psysical wellbeing - Feet and hands roadmap banner

first of all they have to draw their hands and feet in different squares using their own hands and feet as templates. Composing a circuit of three parallel rows of squares in which they have drawn their hands and feet. Once the circuit is prepared the challenge commences.

Personal care - Gorilla snot

Talk with the participants about the importance of having healthy habits, above all for preventing diseases and infections. Then a scientific workshop, in which we will get our hands dirty and play with gorilla snot. At the end of the workshop and after playing, we will insist on the importance of washing their hands.

Go goals - Board game of the 17 SDG

The educator explains the board game to be played in which we remember the 17 sdg and see how we can collaborate to acomplish them. In order to involve the participants in the whole process, they make the dice and cards and colour them in. The game commences once the rules have been understood.

Shake your body

Talk to the participants about the importance of having healthy habits and doing daily physical exercise and their benefits for our health. Then we hold a dance class with directed choreography. We commence with some musical games to warm up and then dance to the rhythm of the music.

Relax - Anti stress balls

Holding a relaxation and emotional control session by creating anti-stress balls and doing different exercises. Using different recycled materials such as plastic bottles.