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Soledades habitadas: Pliegues de la cotidianidad

Presentation of the book.

Date 19/03/24

Time 19:00h

Much has been written about loneliness in recent years. However, the experiential component of loneliness, the experience of solitude, has tended to be overshadowed by brainy causal analyses that say little about its deeper meaning: how the different forms of loneliness are perceived by the people who live with them. The result has generally been a collection of biased and partial readings of a phenomenon that is much more complex than the most widely referenced texts show.

With the intention of highlighting all this, photographs, texts, stories, songs, conversations and designs are the result of a process lasting more than a year in which almost twenty people, neighbours of the San Francisco neighbourhood (Bilbao) and Bakarzain researchers, have reflected on and remedied our loneliness together. That is why this is not a photography book, nor is it an academic book; it is not a book of stories or biographies. It is a book of all of these and of nothing at the same time. It is an open book, an invitation to evoke solitudes, to think them together. A book that, through gratitude, unfolds a common space in which different solitudes fold and exchange bodies and voices. A shared space to live and remedy solitudes, together.


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