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The Book Of Sirens

A production by the Pro-English Theatre company from Kiev (Ukraine) that has become an international symbol of resistance through culture. The play was created and staged in improvised theatres in air-raid shelters in Kiev in April 2022. in April 2022.

Date 02/05/22

Time 19:00h


The Fair Saturday Foundation will host the international premiere of “The book of Sirens”, a play created and staged in Kiev barely a month ago in air-raid shelters by the Ukrainian company ProEnglish Theatre.

The premiere will take place in Bilbao on Monday 2 May at 19:00 at BBK Kuna as one of the opening events of the Fair Saturday forum, in which international cases of social transformation through culture are presented.

ProEnglish Theatre an international symbol of resistance through culture

The theatre company ProEnglish Theatre (Kiev, Ukraine) continues to work in a World War II bomb shelter as an antidote to dehumanisation in the midst of a war aggression by Russian troops. And when the anti-aircraft sirens sound, they welcome the whole neighbourhood into their lair.

Legend has it that this armoured basement of a building in the Shevchenko district was used by the Gestapo for interrogations, but for the last eight years it has been the headquarters of the Ukrainian company ProEnglish Theater, the only one that performs plays in English.

But in these times of war against Russia, the space has regained its original function and, since the first day of the invasion, has permanently housed some twenty members of the company, who also decided to take refuge in art to calm the anxiety and uncertainty of an armed offensive against the capital.

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